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Our history

Bergvik Skog AB (publ) was formed in 2004, as Bergvik Skog acquired those of Stora Enso’s companies and Korsnäs’ companies, which owned forest properties in Sweden.

A 15-year timber agreement was entered into between Bergvik Skog, Stora Enso and Korsnäs when Bergvik Skog was founded in 2004, which obliges Bergvik Skog to sell and Stora Enso and Korsnäs to buy an agreed annual volume of felling rights in Sweden. Following the merger of Korsnäs with Billerud, the agreement was taken over by BillerudKorsnäs.

Bergvik Skog was established in Latvia in 2008 by buying the shares of the Latvian companise Sia Fraxinus and Sia Ruda. Since then additional land has been bought.

The tree nurseries were aquired in 2004, Sör Amsberg in Dalarna and Sjögränd in Värmland from Stora Enso and Nässja in Gästrikland from Korsnäs.

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