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Board of Directors

The Board of Bergvik Skog has the overall responsibility for the organization and administration of Bergvik Skog. The board consist of ten nominated members separated from the mangagement team of the company. The board is led by Chairman Lars-Eric Åström.  

The board of directors consists of ten nominated members, two nominated by Stora Enso and one by BillerudKorsnäs. An employee representative and a substitute is appointed from the one of the three tree nurseries. All board members are independent from the management of the company. The CEO is not a member of the board, but reports on meetings and the company’s legal counsel serve as secretary at meetings.

The Board has the overall responsibility for the organization and administration of Bergvik Skog. The work is led by Chairman Lars- Eric Åström.

The board establishes the overall strategy and decides on policies relating to the environment, human resources, communication, logging and the company’s Code of Conduct. The chairman has a continuous dialogue with the CEO and ensures that board members have access to necessary information. In addition, the Chairman is responsible for communication regarding corporate governance and leads the evaluation of the Board and the CEO.

The Board may appoint committees to prepare board issues for board meetings. The Remuneration Committee sets the employment benefits of the CEO. For the nomination of directors and the remuneration to the directors, there is a Nominating Committee consisting of representatives of the five largest shareholders, with the exception of Stora Enso and BillerudKorsnäs that appoints their own members.

Lars-Eric Åström, Chairman

Born in 1946, elected in 2011. Engineer.

Chairman of Länsförsäkringar Östgöta, member of Länsförsäkringar AB.

Gunnar Balsvik

Born in 1959, elected in 2004.

CEO of Kåpan pension. Member of the board of directors for Roxanne Fastighetsfond AB and Profi properties AB.

Johan Lindman

Born in 1958, elected for 2009. MBA.

Senior Vice President, Stora Enso Group Forest Operations. Member of the board of directors for SLU and Forest Industries. Member of IVA.

Per Lyrvall

Born in 1959, elected in 2012. Legal counsel.

General Counsel at Stora Enso AB

Andreas Mattsson

Born in 1978, elected in 2017. Legal counsel

General counsel at BillerudKorsnäs Skog&Industri AB.

Johan Löwen

Born in 1959, elected in 2015. MSc in engineering.

CEO and member of the board of directors in Sjösa Förvaltnings AB and Limmersvik AB, member of the board of directors in Boo Egendom AB, Firefly AB, Hargs Bruk AB, HäradSkog in Örebro AB as well as Landshypotek Bank AB.

Bob Persson

Born in 1950, elected in 2015.

CEO and chairman of the board of directors in Invest Skog AB, working chairman in Persson Invest AB, chairman of the board of directors in Diös Fastigheter AB, member of the board of directors in Gällö Timber AB, Gällö Skog AB, Volvofinans Bank AB, Jämtlands Bryggeri AB as well as NHP Eiendom AS, chairman of the board of Handelsbanken’s northern region, member of the foundation Margaretagården.

Beatrice Kämpe-Nikolausson

Born 1972, elected in 2016.

CEO and member of the board of Länsförsäkring Kronoberg. Chairman of the board of Hjalmar Petri Holding AB, Aktiebolaget Hjalmar Petri, Hjalmar Petri KLO7 AB and Hjalmar Petri Elden AB, member of the board of LF Affärsservice Sydost AB, Länsförsäkringar Fondliv Försäkringsaktiebolag, Länsförsäkringar Grupplivförsäkringsaktiebolag, T-Emballage Thuresson Aktiebolag and Micki Leksaker Aktiebolag.

 Magnus Fernström

Elected in 2017.

Investment manager, FAM AB. Member of the Board of directors and Chairman, KTH Seed Capital KB & KTH Chalmers Capital KB as well as a member of the investment committee,  Alfvén & Didriksson AB.

Karl Hedin

Elected in 2017.

Chairman of the board of directors, AB Karl Hedin.

Tommy Skei

Born in 1966, elected in 2013. Employee representative.

Adam Lindgren

Elected in 2017. Employee representative substitute.

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