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Wind Power

Bergvik Skog enables the expansion of wind power by primarily developing and applying for permissions to build wind farms, and then letting others build and operate the wind farms.

Swedish electricity production has traditionally rested on two legs – hydropower and nuclear power. Now, a “third leg” is coming into place based on renewable power generation technology. Wind is the renewable energy source that has the greatest potential in short and medium term to contribute to a more renewable society, both internationally and in Sweden.

In Sweden, the potential for building wind power is very high due to the availability of large land areas with good wind conditions. The fact that a large part of electricity production already comes from hydropower makes Sweden particularly suitable for large-scale wind power expansion, as hydropower complements wind power as a regulating power.

In recent years, traditional forestry has been supplemented with investments in renewable energy in the form of forest fuel and wind power. These efforts are an important part of Bergvik Skog’s sustainability strategy. It is also in line with the politically determined conversion to renewable energy sources. Through the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, wind power contributes to dampening global warming.

Wind power also creates new jobs both during the construction phase and during the ongoing operation of the farms.

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