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Tree Nurseries

Bergvik Skog Plantor AB, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bergvik Skog AB, produces 55-60 million plants per year in the three nurseries Nässja in Gästrikland, Sjögränd in Värmland and Sör Amsberg in Dalarna. About 65-70% of the plants are planted in areas owned by Bergvik Skog. Remaining plants are sold to external customers.

Bergvik Skog Plantor AB grows seedlings mainly of spruce and pine, but also contorta and larch. The covered plant has well-developed roots and a good balance between root and shoots, giving the plant a good growth start and it is easy to plant in the forest using a planting tube.

All plants are packed in cardboard boxes that facilitate storage, delivery and planting.

To protect the plants against weevils, one of the worst harmful organisms on forest plants, Bergvik Skog Plantor AB offers two different types of protection; mechanical protection using Conniflex and chemical protection using Merit Forest.

Bergvik Skog Plantor AB has a long tradition of quality thinking based on knowledgeable and experienced staff. We always strive to deliver the best quality seedlings, regardless of whether the customer is a small private forest owner or whether the plants are to be planted on Bergvik Skog’s forestland.

For more information about Bergvik Skog’s nurseries in English please contact the CEO of Bergvik Skog Plantor AB Yvonne Hedman Nordlander.

Ett av växthusen på plantskolan i Sör Amsberg
Tallplanta odlad i Sör Amsberg
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