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Bergvik Skog’s Real Estates

Bergvik Skog AB’s real estate holdings in Sweden are owned by the two subsidiaries Bergvik Skog Väst AB and Bergvik Skog Öst AB. The “Västbolaget” owns the real estate holdings acquired in 2004 from Stora Enso (owned by its subsidiary Stora Kopparbergs Bergslags AB) in connection with the formation of Bergvik Skog. Correspondingly, real estate holdings owned by the “Östbolaget” consist of the real estates acquired from Korsnäs AB at the formation of Bergvik Skog.

The location of our real estates is shown on the map here. In addition, Bergvik Skog owns approximately 100,000 hectares in Latvia. Holdings in numbers (September 2017):

Company No. of Real Estates Total area (hectares)
Bergvik Skog Väst AB 6 547 1 964 067
Bergvik Skog Öst AB 109 421 758
Bergvik Skog AB 6 656 2 385 825

Forest Real Estate

Bergvik Skog is continuously working to structure the land ownership for value-adding purposes, therefore, buying and selling of property is ongoing. All matters relating to purchase and sale are handled by respective area manager at the real estate department.

Building plots and buildings

For historical reasons Bergvik Skog owns a number of buildings. To the extent that the buildings are not used for internal use and are in satisfactory condition, they are generally leased out. In connection with the termination of a leasing agreement, we often offer the building with land for sale. The goal is to liquidate all leasing business as quickly as possible.

Bergvik Skog operates a number of exploitation projects with the aim of creating land areas for permanent or vacation homes. We are also open to selling pieces of land except in areas where it can cause problems for forest activities.

The real estate department’s respective area manager is responsible for these sales and other requests within their geographical area.

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