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Real Estate

Bergvik Skog is one of Sweden’s largest forest owners and the land on which the forest stands is divided into real estate. When you say real estate, many associate with a house, but in fact, a real estate is an area of ​​land.

A real estate may have so-called real estate accessories, which may be one or more buildings, fencing and other facilities. Even the standing trees are property accessories.

All land in Sweden is divided into real estates which, in turn, have a unique real estate designation starting with the municipality name, and then area name and a number, such as Söderhamn Bergvik 1: 1.

Bergvik Skog’s real estate department handles all matters of real estate legal character. Purchase and sale of forest real estates, sale of plots and houses, handling of easements, management rights, leases and other types of assignments. The department is also responsible for keeping records of Bergvik Skog’s real estate.

In addition to the company’s own use, there are a number of external users who, through agreements, use Bergvik Skog’s land for various purposes. Common rights of use are wind farms, hunting, extraction for gravel, electricity and telecom lines, mobile phone masts, road easements, housing leases, bridge and boat sites. In total, Bergvik Skog’s real estate department manages approximately 8,000 contracted user rights.

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