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Hunting and Fishing

Bergvik Skog has granted all hunting rights to the forest management contractors Stora Enso Skog and BillerudKorsnäs. These, in turn, have the task of granting hunting rights to hunting teams and, in doing so, guaranteeing that Bergvik Skog’s wildlife management guidelines are followed.

Modern forestry is game-friendly – active, modern sustainable forestry provides both shelter and feed for the game. Wildlife is an important and obvious part of the forest landscape and should be maintained in long-term vital populations. Game is of great value for hunting and other recreational purposes.

The adaptive game management strives for a balance between animal populations and feed supply to achieve high forest production as well as viable wildlife strains of high quality. Bergvik Skog, together with other forestry stakeholders, has formulated goals needed in order to fulfill the intentions of adaptive game management. The overall goal is that animal populations should be in balance with feed availability. For more information on hunting and game management please contact Michael Larsson.

Fishing rights are a part of ownership and therefore belong primarily to the property owner. To fish, permission is required from the property owner. Bergvik Skog provides fishing in several different ways. For more information on fishing rights please contact Claes Mårtenson.

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