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Resources from the Forest

How much raw material that is picked out from the forest in the form of timber, pulpwood and biofuel should be seen in relation to how much the forest grows in a year.

Bergvik Skog is committed to keeping forest felling at such a level that the level can be maintained for the next 100 years. At present, Bergvik Skog harvests about 75-80% of what the forest grows in a year. Thus during a year, the forest grows more than we take out in the form of raw material. At the same time, we contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and safeguard social values ​​in the forest. Read more about sustainable harvesting levels under Forest Data and Monitoring, where you will find information about the conditions that are included in the calculations. Learn more about what the forest raw material can be used for under Bioeconomy & Sustainability.

During a year, about 4,000 forest operations are carried out in Bergvik Skog’s forests; the figure includes both thinning and final felling. In 2016, about 7.5 million m3fo was extracted from Bergvik Skog’s Swedish forests and nearly 0.3 million m3fo from our Latvian forests.

The measure m3fo stands for forest cubic meters and includes the entire tree volume including the bark and the peak. This measure is used to describe how much forest is standing in an area. Forest cubic meter can be compared to m3sub which refers to fixed measurements below the bark. Thus, the volume of bark and the volume from the top of the tree is excluded. This measure is usually used when selling timber after harvesting.

Bergvik Skog has no industries and neither do we have any field personnel, instead we sell felling rights to Stora Enso Skog and BillerudKorsnäs. It is thus those two companies that perform forest operations and own the raw material that is taken out from Bergvik Skog’s forests.

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