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Bergvik Skog shall optimize return and value of the company through ownership and sustainable management of forests, land, and water.

Forest, Land & Water

Bergvik Skog is one of Sweden’s largest forest owners with an annual harvest volume of about 6.2 million m3. Holdings include over 2.3 million hectares of land in Sweden and roughly 0.1 million hectares in Latvia.

Bergvik Skog also owns three tree nurseries located in the counties of Dalarna, Gästrikland and Värmland. The nurseries produce, in total, approximately 55-60 million seedlings per year.

Bergvik Skog’s Swedish land holdings are predominantly located in central Sweden, but also include properties in Halland, Härjedalen and Jämtland. Most of the holdings are productive forest but about 5% is unproductive forestland that cannot produce more than one cubic meter per hectare and year. This so-called non-productive forestland is exempt from active forestry through Swedish forest legislation.

Of Bergvik Skog’s 1.9 million hectares of productive forest, about 100 000 hectares is voluntarily set aside for conservation purposes. Additionally, an avearge of 5% of the annually harvestable volume is allocated to conservation or social considerations at each logging location.

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