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Bergvik Skog’s Mission, Vision, and Value provide the basic direction for the company’s operations, and what we want to achieve. It is also the starting point and direction for the company’s sustainability work.

Mission, Vision and Values

  • Bergvik Skog will, through ownership and sustainable use of forest, land and water, optimize the company’s return and value.
  • Bergvik Skog is respected by all stakeholders as an exemplary owner and developer of forest, land and water resources.
  • We are development-oriented and want to achieve sustainable results. Bergvik Skog meets employees and the outside world with openness and respect.

Code of Conduct

In December 2016, the Board of Directors of Bergvik Skog adopted a Code of Conduct based on the UN Global Compact’s ten principles of human rights, labor law, the environment and anti-corruption.

Bergvik Skog Uppförandekod

Our Code of Conduct is available in Swedish, for more information in English please contact Sofia Lilja.

Policies and governance

In addition to legislation and external certification commitments, Bergvik Skog’s operations are guided by a number of policies and guidelines that reflect sustainability from an economically, environmentally and socially balanced perspective. In these, the precautionary principle is applied. Our certifications support the precautionary principle where we are at a level above the legal requirements. The management team works with risk analyzes and stakeholder dialogues as a starting point for commitments regarding sustainability.

The environmental policy shows Bergvik Skog’s overall focus and ambition for environmental work. The policy emphasizes the active use of the forest as part of creating a more sustainable society based on the forest’s ability to store carbon dioxide and deliver renewable resources. At the same time, we should contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and safeguard social values. Our environmental policy has been supplemented with a communication document for what the environmental policy implies for our daily operations. The intention is to give external stakeholders a better insight into the environmental work carried out by Bergvik Skog. The document is available in Swedish, for more information in English please contact Sofia Lilja.

Bergvik Skog Miljöpolicy med förklaring

  • The Anti-corruption policy describe the company’s work against corruption.
  • The finance policy is a framework of guidelines and rules in the form of risk mandates and limits that will provide cost-effective funding and minimize adverse effects on the company’s earnings due to market fluctuations.
  • The communication policy specifies the direction and objectives for external communication.
  • The personnel policy describes the employee’s rights and responsibilities.
  • The timber felling policy describes a long-term commitment to sustainable harvesting levels.

In addition to the above policies decided by the Board of Directors, there are further policies and guidelines for the operational activities, which are decided by the management group.

The policies and guidelines for forest management are communicated to Stora Enso Skog and BillerudKorsnäs. For the practical application in the forest, Stora Enso Skog and BillerudKorsnäs in turn create instructions.

8 forest related hints on how you can lead a more sustainable life style

  1. By sorting out renewable material like magazines, cartons and paper packages from your other waste, you contribute to a longer life of wood raw material.
  2. Buy clothes based on wood raw materials, then you reduce the use of cotton and polyester that have greater environmental impact.
  3. Drive a car with alternative fuels like biogas, pine diesel or electricity instead of fossil fuels.
  4. Buy a house of wood or an apartment in a property made of wood.
  5. Buy groceries with recyclable packaging made from paper.
  6. Stay in a property with district heating. Swedish district heating is almost entirely based on biofuel.
  7. Select wooden interior materials, such as wood-frame windows, wooden floors or wood slabs.
  8. Do not deselect paper because it is the clearest eco-friendly option in all packages. Reading a paper magazine regularly is less bad for the environment than reading the newspaper digitally!
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