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Reindeer Herding

Bergvik Skog has voluntarily made land available for reindeer husbandry through settlement agreements with several Sami villages. Reindeer herding is usually possible to combine with the type of forestry that Bergvik Skog practices. In some aspects, however, the existing forest management approach can complicate reindeer herding. 

In addition to the consultation required in the reindeer herding area under the Swedish Forestry Act, Bergvik Skog conducts consultations with each Sami reindeer herding and economic district in the areas of Härjedalen that are covered by a settlement agreement. Consideration to reindeer herding include production of the lichen-rich areas that are important for grazing, resting places along the reindeer migration paths and avoiding restrictions in accessibility for grazing areas for the reindeer.

It is Bergvik Skog’s intention that the negative effects on reindeer herding is as small as possible within the framework of rational forestry operations. This requires, however, efficient regular consultations and continuous dialogue between forest planning staff and the Sami reindeer herding and economic districts. During a typical year, Stora Enso and BillerudKorsnäs have a about dozen consultations with reindeer herding districts on behalf of Bergvik Skog. In addition, an overall consultation occurs annually, involving the Sami reindeer herding and economic districts, Bergvik Skog, Stora Enso, BillerudKorsnäs and other companies that also have signed the settlement agreement.

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