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Part of Bergvik Skog’s overall strategy is to have highly skilled employees who are capable of performing skilled tasks. In order to strengthen and further develop employee skills and professional roles, annual development talks are held to identify what is good and what can be improved.

In 2016, 100% of employees participated in development talks with their immediate manager. During the talks, tasks and personal goals are evaluated. For new employees it also include an evaluation of the first time in the company.

Employees are encouraged to attend seminars and conferences relevant to the respective fields of work and duties. In addition, a number of internship days and calibration exercises for the forestry department are carried out each year.

In 2016, Bergvik Skog’s third development program for new employees was completed, with a record attendance of 18 people from the head office and the nurseries’ management team.

The program is structured around a series of two-day meetings with representatives from the management team. The intention is to strengthen the individual and the group and give the participants an introduction to Bergvik Skog’s different areas of activity. In addition, leadership, rhetoric, environmental education and a workshop on sustainability are included as well as taking part in the replanting of a rejuvenation site.

Twice a year Bergvik Skog organizes so-called Bergvik Days for staff at the headquarters, corresponding activities are carried out for the nurseries and the staff in Latvia. The intention is to create a broaden the staff’s understanding of Bergvik Skog’s operations. In 2016 we visited parts of our landholdings in Härjedalen, including two research projects in Råndalen and Nybodknätten. In connection with the Board meetings, the CEO also holds a meeting with the staff to inform what has been discussed and decided.

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