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Bergvik Skog’s ambition is to decrease the negative impact on biological values in natural streams, among other things we do restorative actions in three designated water landscapes.

The basis for Bergvik Skog’s Action program for water management is, among other things, an inventory of migratory obstacles for fish and other organisms in streams and lakes that are particularly important for biodiversity. The inventory identifies culverts under forest roads in streams that are migratory obstacles and are to be replaced in the following years.

Bergvik Skog has designated two different water landscapes in the county of Gävleborg: Skärjån and Västerhocklan. Based on inventories of the waters dialogues have been set up with local stakeholders to prioritize and perform restorative and conservation actions. Example of actions are putting dead wood, rocks and boulders into water to recreate fish habitats, remove ditches to recreate wetlands and decrease transportation of mud, and to recreate spawning grounds for fish and amphibians. In 2015, the previous endangered species program for the pool frog was identified as Bergvik Skog’s third water landscape.

Bergvik Skog also works with environmental quality goals to reduce the number of and effect of machine tracks, e.g. on sensitive areas adjacent to water and when crossing waters and waterlogged areas.

Before restoration
After restoration
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