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Renewable Energy

Bergvik Skog supports the transition to increased share of renewable energy through development of wind power and the production of biofuel from branches and the tops of trees.

Bergvik Skog works to establish wind power on our own land. About 5 % of our land has potential for wind power production based on wind conditions and distance to houses. We develop larger wind power projects that are transferred to another party that can realize the project. Bergvik Skog also grants leases for wind power. At present, there are 112 wind turbines on our land that contributes about 0.6 TWh of renewable energy per year. This roughly corresponds to househould electricity during a year for 100 000 one-family houses.

By taking out leftovers from logging such as the tops from trees and branches, Bergvik Skog can contribute to the production of biofuel. The annual biofuel production from Bergvik Skog roughly corresponds to 27 000 electrically heated houses for a year. In the future, we see good opportunities to increase outlet and producing vehicle fuel from this range.

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