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Deciduous Trees

Grazing in forests and the  preventing of forest fires have historically reduced the chance for deciduous trees to establish in the Swedish forest landscape.  

From the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s, deciduous trees were removed from the forest, both mechanically and chemically, since deciduous trees were not of economic interest. Increased knowledge about the importance of deciduous trees for forest biodiversity has changed the view of deciduous forest. Today, the forestry works actively to increase the area of ​​older deciduous forests and to increase the area of ​​land that is rejuvenated with deciduous trees.

In cooperation with our forest managers, Bergvik Skog has tested different approaches for delimiting areas suitable for production of deciduous forest. The experience has been gathered in guidelines for increasing the area of ​​deciduous forest, partly through better delineation of areas and partly through adapted care. In addition, an action program with set targets has been adopted and guidelines have been established for the management of deciduous areas, with a particular focus on birch.

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