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The Landscape Perspective and Nature Conservation

We protect all Woodland Key Habitats and in total we have voluntarily protected 129,000 hectares of forest in Sweden. In 2016, approximately 6,000 hectares of new WKHs were registered, which for the most part were identified during the planning process of forestry operations.

All land owned by Bergvik Skog is included in ecological landscape plans that aim at harmonizing different forest types in the long term and ensure the amount of older forests over the holdings. In addition, we support nature conservation agreements and action programs which, although focused on protected areas for the white-backed woodpecker, for example are not only an appropriate biotope for the woodpecker, but also for for hundreds of other species with similar requirements such as rare fungi, insects and plants.

Here you can see Bergvik Skog’s landholdings in Sweden. When you zoom in you can also all areas that Bergvik Skog has set aside voluntarily for biodiversity conservation. The actuality of the map is July 2017.

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