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Bioeconomy & Sustainability

The forest has a key role in a sustainable biobased society, which however requires an active use of the forest and utilization of the renewable raw material from the forest. At the same time, forestry should also contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and safeguard social values ​​in the forest.

Bergvik Skog can support the development of a biobased society, a bioeconomy. The transition to a bioeconomy is a transition from an economy largely based on fossil raw materials to a resource-efficient economy based on renewable raw materials produced through sustainable use of ecosystem services from forest, land and water.

Under the section bioeconomy, you can read more about what the biobased society is and how we can use the forest to create a more sustainable society. The section Sustainability provides comprehensive information what goals and what direction we have concerning sustainability. Under the sections Environment, Social Values, Responsible Employer and Economics, you will find more information on how we work in everyday operations to achieve a sustainable, biobased society. It describes how forestry is adapted to enable the forest to produce raw material for the biobased society in a responsible and sustainable manner that contributes to the conservation of biodiversity and safeguards social values.

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